San Ramon, Costa Rica

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San Ramon

   The city of “Presidents & Poets” and ………………..of lovers.  Lovers of nature, lovers of life, of simplicity, of PURA VIDA!

The San Ramon that visitors see today is a “muy tranquilo” provincial city that welcomes travelers with a graceful sense of pride.  It is a close-knit city with a slower pace of life.  In the streets you will hear the greeting “Pura Vida” (pure life) a motto that encapsulates the pervading ideology of living in peace and appreciating a life surrounded by nature , family & friends.
Known as the “city of presidents  and poets”, San Ramon has been home to many of the political and literary leaders of Costa Rica including four former presidents and architects of the modern Costa Rican state. The most well-known of these icons is Jose (Don Pepe)  Figueres Ferrer, one of Costa Rica’s most influential leaders.  During his first term in office he abolished the country’s army, nationalized its banking sector and granted women and blacks the right to vote.

A small, bustling city with all of its surrounding neighborhoods, San Ramon totals a population of 80,573.  It’s people made up of mostly campesinos, farmers, students and a fun-loving bunch of ex-pats.  The city itself offers it all from restaurants and cafes to museums and art studios, a 3-cinema theatre, supermarkets, clothing and shoe shops, many health food stores, yoga studios, the finest dentists and doctors, a major hospital and much, much more.  San Ramon named after the patron saint of expectant mothers and midwives, it is no surprise that this progressive little city boasts the first breastmilk bank in all of Costa Rica.  It is also on course to be the first Carbon Neutral canton in Costa Rica thanks to the support of the Community Action Alliance

Just a couple of kilometers right outside of the city’s center you can experience the areas natural beauty.  Drive the back roads lined with coffee and sugar cane fields. Notice children playing in the streets and dancing in the schoolyards. From the misty Los Angeles Cloud Forest to the ocean view sunsets giving way to the sparkling lights of Puntarenas at night, watch the menagerie of exotic birds take flight. These displays of Mother Nature are an everchanging and constant spectacle.  Travel the different altitiudes and topography to experience the different micro climates.  Take a 40 minute drive to the beautiful blue flag beach of Dona Ana.  Go for a swim, feel the heat and feed the monkeys, then journey to La Paz to cool off and eat some freshly caught trout, ending the day in El Empalme or Magallanes to take in one of those infamous sunsets.  Visit all 3 micro climates ALL IN ONE DAY!!  The San Ramon area has a nice steady  year round temp averaging in the mid 70’s (25 degrees Celsius).  The Juan Santamaria airport is an easy 40 minute drive on the main highway. Drive an additional 10 minutes to reach San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city.

Let’s not forget San Ramon’s true lure………’s people.  Beautiful, friendly souls who await your arrival  to share their very contagious PURA VIDA!!

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