June Bloom at Our Magical Property Listing in La Paz…

The caretaker of our rustic property listing in Bajo La Paz has done a phenomenal job with the gardens, flowers, and nature paths on the land. George has poured his passion and energy into developing this lush and magical landscape for the property. Now that some rain has begun to fall, you can really witness how nature is thriving. This is a direct result of George’s dedication and I’d like to share these photos of the “June Bloom”:



June Bloom QM 2013 01




June Bloom QM 2013 02




June Bloom QM 2013 04




June Bloom QM 2013 05




June Bloom QM 2013 07




June Bloom QM 2013 08




June Bloom QM 2013 09




June Bloom QM 2013 10


… It blows my mind that this gem hasn’t sold yet because it’s a gorgeous and peaceful property for an outstanding price. My belief is that the land is waiting for the right person to show up and that then the property will in fact choose the buyer… Check out the listing and schedule a viewing with us if you have interest: